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Don’t Take Our Word – Here’s What People Like You Have to Say About Real Recovery

Success Stories of
Our Sober Living Alumni

Success Stories of Our Sober Living Alumni

Sobriety Is What YOU Make It. These Guys Are Succeeding!

Anyone can recovery from a life-long battle struggling against their addiction—if you are honest, open, and willing follow some simple instructions. Real Recovery cannot keep you sober but sure as hell can help you stay sober.

Hundreds of men have recovered after successfully completing our sober living program. We aren’t taking credit, it’s all their higher power (whatever that is) and the diligent hard work they put in to recreate their best self.

If you’re still unsure whether a sober life can be a fun and successful one, check out our guys’ success stories. You might find that you have something in common.

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Trusted by Hundreds of Men & Families.
Nationally Recognized & Certified by Industry Leaders.

Trusted by Hundreds of Men & Families. Nationally Recognized & Certified by Industry Leaders.

Florida Association of Recovery Residences
NARR National Alliance for Recovery Residences
Real Recovery A+ BBB Rating
Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services TPAS
Member of the Association For Addiction Professionals

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It's incredibly humbling... surreal even, to think back to when we opened our first sober house in St. Petersburg, and to see all the men, families, and friends that have been touched by our community. We love you all! Thank you for your honest feedback.

This place has been an amazing experience for me. The owners and staff care about the residents and help them learn how to live a positive and productive life. After countless relapses I made the decision to come to Real Recovery Tampa and the accountability and friends I've made while living here has made all the difference. This place is newly renovated and the living conditions are fantastic. Getting involved in a 12 step program and attending meetings on a regular basis has helped me grow to be a better person. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to stay sober and make a positive change in their life.

| real recovery sober living testimonial google business review ryan b tampa fl property
Ryan B.
via Google - Tampa Property

This place has been an amazing experience. I currently stay here at real recovery and I must say it includes everything you could ask for in a sober living facility. From nightly meetings and plenty of fellow peers to speak with, as well as firm yet understanding leader ship. If you are looking for a safe space to call home and get your life on the right track then this is the place for you.. 10/10 would recommend to others in need.

| real recovery testimonial google business review john c brandon fl property
John C.
via Google - Brandon Property

Definitely the best sober living facility throughout all that makes this land we call Florida. The management team is kind and listen to each and every individual. Yes !!!

| real recovery sober living testimonial google business review dax m tampa fl property
Dax M.
via Google - Tampa Property

As a parent of an adult son who was taking the next step in recovery, Real Recovery really showed up for the support, structure and fellowship needed to help our son move forward. I recommend you visit and meet some of the residents to know you are not alone in your path towards sobriety!

| real recovery sober living testimonial google business review tracy p north tampa fl property
Tracy P. (Mother)
via Google - North Tampa Property

I have struggled for many years with a debilitating case of untreated alcoholism , until I made the life changing decision to come to Real Recovery St.Pete. With the support of staff, and residents alike, I am still sober sober 13 months later. I can not say enough good things about this place! Thank you Real Recovery!

| Google My Business Review St Petersburg Property Kyle K profile image
Kyle K.
via Google - St. Petersburg Property

I honestly wouldn't consider this residency a halfway house. It's much too clean, the appliances and units are brand new. The furnishings are upheld and cared for. The property itself is maintained multiple times a week. The staff and owners lookout for not just the resident's well-being but their best interests as well. And the property maintains a safe place for men of all afflictions to recover in a safe and sober environment. I would highly recommend this for anyone serious about their recovery.

| testimonial facebook william b bradenton sober living property
William B.
via Facebook - Bradenton Property

Thankful to have RR in my life. Plenary of support and surrounded by guys who are actively working a strong program. RR is an instrumental part of my recovery.

| real recovery sober living testimonial google business review chris m tampa fl property
Chris M.
via Google - Tampa Property

This is probably one of the nicest recovery homes I’ve lived at and seen...not only is it in a great area but the place is CLEAN and the residents are serious about their recovery...I would highly recommend this place to anyone

| eric r facebook review
Eric R.
via Facebook - St. Petersburg Property

Real Recovery is the best choice in all regards. Their facilities are amazing, the amount of work and money the owner puts into his properties is unmatched. The programs they have are also the best. House managers are also super involved, go to the same meetings and know what is going on with the clients.

| Google My Business Review North Tampa Property Johnathan A profile image
Jonathan A.
via Google - North Tampa Property

would absolutely recommend cause of the great atmosphere and great people that are there. staff was very helpful. it is also great to the person that wants the most out of ther recovery. thanks real recovery!!💪👍

| testimonial facebook evan p st petersburg sober living property
Evan P.
via Facebook - St. Petersburg Property

Real recovery has been a huge part of my recovery. The friendships and accountability that comes with being a resident are awesome. This is a great place for anyone that is serious about there recovery and wants to have a chance at staying sober. The clesrwater location is awesome. Walking distance to SPC as well as the thrashers stadium.

| real recovery sober living testimonial google business review zach p clearwater fl property
Zach P.
via Google - Clearwater Property

The best place I've found to redirect my whole life. It's a clean, safe, spacious and well organized living environment. Lots of support along the way.

| real recovery sober living testimonial google business review matthew r tampa fl property
Matthew R.
via Google - Tampa Property

I currently stay at real recovery house. Most deff the best recovery house I have ever stayed in. Staff holds us accountable for our actions and when doing the next best thing they can be the best friends you have in recovery

| testimonial facebook preston g bradenton sober living property
Preston G.
via Facebook - Bradenton Property

This place has saved me from myself. I am so grateful to be here and staying clean with the help of John and the rest of the community. I, like most addicts, needed a stable environment and accountability and I am happily clean for the longest amount of time I ever have been.

| real recovery testimonial google business review josh h brandon fl property
Josh H.
via Google - Brandon Property

I am currently a resident at Real Recovery in North Tampa. The apartments at the facility have all been remodeled and are like new. The property is really clean and I have access to all the amenities as well as a pool table, a workout gym, a library, a computer room, and an air hockey table. The staff is very helpful and supportive and the residents are all like one big Family. I’m glad I found this place and would not be where I am today had I not. Lastly, if you’re not looking for a better way of life this is probably not the place for you.

| real recovery sober living testimonial google business review richard g north tampa fl property
Richard G.
via Google - North Tampa Property

I recently moved into Real Recovery and I have been very impressed! I came from a sober living situation in St. Pete but moved back home to Bradenton. If you are looking for a clean, sober living environment - this is it! Mark is a very open and relatable person to talk to. The men here are open, eager to help, and make you feel welcome.

| Google My Business Review Rob B Bradenton Sarasota Property profile image
Rob B.
via Google - Bradenton Property

My 21 yr. old son came there after rehab in Tampa He was from out of state and knew no one.

He has had nothing, but a most positive experience!

His words ”I’ve met many life long friends”.

Thank God he had the opportunity and I know it’s helped him and made all the difference in his journey.

He loves the area and it’s been life changing for him.

With the meetings and good atmosphere and awesome influences he’s done great in his recovery.

Absolutely the right choice for him.

I recommend this and as a Mother and am so very thankful. 💙

| testimonial facebook billie june m mother review for son st petersburg sober living property
Billie June M. (Mother)
via Facebook - St. Petersburg Property

Great recovery center a group of guys truly looking for a better way of life

| real recovery sober living testimonial google business review johnie c clearwater fl property
Johnie C.
via Google - Clearwater Property

Real recovery is very nice place. Not only is the property renovated but it also has a pool. They have accountability and it's not like any other sober living environment I have met some of my best friends thru real recovery, and they have all used this environment as a stepping stone to get there lives together and on the right path.

| testimonial source facebook logo icon 80x80 1
Stephen M.
via Facebook - Tampa Property

Great place to get your life back on track. Facilities are great, staff very helpful, plenty of resources available. If you are serious about your recovery this is the best place to be.

| testimonial facebook bruce s st petersburg sober living property
Bruce S.
via Facebook - St. Petersburg Property

Real Recovery is the real deal. Everyone there has the same goals; stay sober, support those around you, attend meetings, follow the 12 steps, and lead a clean life. If your goals are not consistent with these principles do not consider Real Recovery as an option. The place is clean and was recently updated; giant TVs in every room and all the amenities of home. If you are serious in your sobriety this place is for you. JJ and Patrick are the best and will call you out if you try to fake it to make it. I highly recommend Real Recovery.

| real recovery sober living testimonial google business review paul m tampa fl property
Paul M.
via Google - Tampa Property

Great to have a sober living facility run by people that are truly invested in recovery! Central Florida needs more of this. A much needed service!

| testimonial facebook patrick m st petersburg sober living property
Patrick M.
via Facebook - St. Petersburg Property
"Half measures availed us nothing." -AA Big Book

Why Ambitious Men Choose Us

Real Recovery is a growing community of sober living homes located in the Tampa Bay area. Our properties are located throughout Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, and Sarasota County). We offer a safe environment where men who are serious about recovering from the seemingly hopeless disease of alcoholism and addiction can build a new way of life filled with purpose, among likeminded sober peers.

Real Recovery provides an affordable and realistic structure built upon the principles of 12-step recovery programs to afford each resident a safe, supportive, and drug-free environment with personalized treatment plans to achieve their long-term goals and lasting sobriety.

Nationally Recognized & Certified Recovery Residence
Real Recovery is a nationally recognized and certified sober living residence with onsite certified recovery specialists that are active members of a 12-step program.
Reinforce Accountability with Random Drug Tests
Random breathalyzers, drug tests, and curfew checks ensures our sober living program provides a clean environment, where everyone is accountable for their recovery.
Modern, Clean & Dignified Apartment-Style Living
Modern renovated apartment and townhome-style sober living homes with all the amenities residents need to succeed in sobriety and maintain gainful employment.
We're Driven To Succeed in Every Aspect of Life
Our clients work, attend school, or volunteer, and participate in Real Recovery’s community events. We are an active sober community with a sense of camaraderie.

Find The Best Sober Living Home Location

Whether you want to be close to home, work, the beach, or right next door to a university, one of our properties is sure to align with your goals in sobriety.

While we all suffer from a common denominator – the disease of addiction and maladaptive coping mechanisms, many of us have walked different paths to arrive at the doorstep of recovery.

Our highly trained recovery specialists and house managers can help you identify which location may best suit your needs based on your unique experience, goals, work history, and the availability or lack of transportation so you or your loved one has the best opportunity to not only remain sober but rebuild all aspects of their life.

Are You Ready To Beat Down Addiction?

We can't guarantee that you will stay sober for the rest of your life or be a millionaire in a year.

What you achieve in sobriety is entirely based on your own effort in recovery.

What we can guarantee is that residents who are willing to follow simple suggestions, be honest, and genuinely put in the rigorous effort required... their lives will change for the better, dramatically in a lot of cases.