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Dave's Sober Living Success Story

Dave's Sober Living Success Story

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Sobriety Date: 06/14/2019
Age: 39
Drug(s) of Choice: Alcohol/Opioids
Alumni Interview Date: 11/17/2022

I was determined to do things this time differently that last time.

– Dave S.

Personal Background

Born and raised in Florida, youngest of three kids. Parents were alcoholics and drug addicts. Fell in love with sports which kept me out of trouble. At 17 I had my first experience with alcohol and cocaine while at a high school party with friends.

Recovery Background

At the age of 25, my addiction took off and the start of a decade-long relationship/marriage. That was the beginning of opiate and alcoholism. In the beginning, I would try to lie and manipulate, things and people into supporting my addiction.

My dad died in the midst of the relationship and passed due to a lethal combination of opiates. This started my tailspin deeper into addiction that resulted in homelessness, endless unemployment, and divorce. During that relationship, I was fortunate to have kids but due to addiction, I was in and out of their lives and the powerlessness I had over them.

How were you introduced to the 12-step program and recovery?

I have been to detox/rehabs twice. The first time in 2016 my intentions were due to my mother and ex-wife, while in 90-day inpatient I lost my mother, also to a lethal combination of an opiate concoction. Stayed clean for a little over a year but was not working the program and was not honest with himself or others. So eventually I relapsed and went on a run for 3 years. I finally was just emotionally and physically done with addiction, I checked myself into a detox center. I did 90 days at Phoenix house in Ocala, FL. then went straight to Real Recovery in Brandon, FL.

Dave's Journey at Real Recovery

How was your experience at Real Recovery?

I went there with the intentions to stay for a year but ended up staying a little over two years. I got a sponsor and home group immediately. I was determined to do things this time differently that last time. I worked my way up to being a house manager after 8 months roughly of continuously doing the next right thing.

Was there anything that you did while you were in sober living that you think made a difference this time?

I immediately dove into 12 steps and started doing service work and helping others which resulted in an instant gratification for myself.

What was the hardest or most challenging step for you?

Coming from someone who used to be atheist and agnostic, step 3. Trying to believe in something I didn’t before was hard for me.

Was there a step or a point where you felt that things shifted or that you got the most relief from?

Step 4, because you have to go in the past and bring things to light that you never wanted to, but as you do it you feel the weight being lifted.

After Real Recovery & Life In Sobriety Today

How’s life now?

Coming up on almost 4 years of sobriety, by the grace of God, and doing the same few things each day; I managed to be a father in my kids’ life now, a manager for a company that I’ve been at the last 3 years. I also have my own car, apartment, and girlfriend.

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What three things/tips would you tell your past self or share with someone considering sober living/recovery?

  1. Do it for yourself.

  2. Get a sponsor immediately.

  3. Be honest and as thorough as you can when doing your step work.

Do you have a daily routine that helps you stay sober?

Prayer sandwich!! Pray/meditate in the morning, go to a meeting, talk to your sponsor, read something out of the big book (12 and 12) and then pray/meditate before bed.

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